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Monday, December 5, 2016

My Candid Take On MMM

Folks have tried to convince me to join MMM. On one occasion, I almost hung up the phone on a friend for his insistence. Let me make my stand known, to avoid further attempt from prospective salespersons.

The basis of conviction from the peddlers is that MMM works. You get paid 30% of your ‘investment’ after 30 days. See, I’ve sat with and watched someone receive phone calls and credit alerts from strangers courtesy of MMM. She got 30% of the money invested within 30 days. So, my argument has never been whether it works or not.

...If you cannot explain to me where and how the profit of a business is coming from, I am not interested. It’s as simple as that.

To quote MMMers, “…a community of people ‘selflessly’ helping people. It is the 1st sprout of something new in modern soulless and ruthless world of greed... You don’t pay into any central account. You ‘selflessly’ help people and get help”.
Absolute nonsense.

If you tell these people that the scheme will crash when it reaches saturation, their response is usually, “well let’s enjoy it while it lasts”.

Question: if you get help today and the scheme crashes tomorrow, what happens to those people who ‘selflessly’ helped you before the crash?
I’ll guess your answer will be “how is that my business?”

But you claim to be a group of people ‘selflessly’ helping each other.
Accept that you are just being as selfish and greedy, even worse, as the system you condemn, and spare me the "selfless help" crap.

I’m just worried about a generation that has become so mentally lazy, that value creation is relegated to the background while fast & quick gratification is crowned the king.

Enough said.

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