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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Data is the new petrol

Data Is The New Petrol
Unbelievable! I just read this lame excuse in the Punch that the Federal Government took the decision to hike data rates because the price of data is very low in Nigeria, compared to other countries, including nearby African countries.
Is data the new petrol? Can Benin Republic steal our data from the air or from underwater cables? Can data be smuggled? What if Nigeria has the cheapest rates? Se oro niyen? Do neighboring countries have Nigeria's population? The Telcos are not complaining. Why is it "paining" you? Is it your data?
When regulators in other countries are pressing for more Internet penetration, Nigerian government is subverting it. While other countries are driving rates down, we are hiking it. Hoping to freeze discontent, not thinking about the impact on innovation, communication and learning. This is another tax on already beleaguered Nigerians. It is what we get when we have myopic leaders who are fixated on short term thinking. This is a country without libraries o. Who cursed Nigeria? If it is one of those that were killed unjustly, let us go to their graves and ask for forgiveness. This is not "ordinary eye."

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