Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Nigerian Universities School Fees Increase


UNILAG: From N14,500 to N63,500

ABU: From N27,000 to N41,000

UNN: From N60,450 to N66,950

OAU: From N19,700 to N55,700.

UNIZIK: From N20,100 to N65,920

Bayero University, Kano: From N26,000 to N40,000.

University of Abuja: From N39,300 to N42,300.

Usman Danfodiyo University: From N32,000 to N41,000.

National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN): From N36,000 to N41,000

UNIBEN: From N12,000 to N49,500

University of Ilorin: From N16,000 to N75,000

FUTA: From N13,560 to N83,940.

FUTMINNA: From N20,000 to N37,000

University of Calabar: From N30,500 to N42,750

University of Uyo: From N71,000 to N84,250.

Federal College of Education (Technical), Akoka: N16,000 to N40,000

Osun varsity: From N95,000 to N135,500

Anambra State University: From N76,000 to N139,000

Lagos State University: From N96,750 to N158,250.

Ibrahim Badamosi Babangiga University, Lapai: From N25,000 to N52,000

Imo State University: From N120,000 to N150,000;

Plateau State University: From N50,000 to N100,000

Moshood Abiola Polytechnic: From N57,000 to N75,000.

Others are Ibadan Polytechnics: From N30,000 t0 N50,000

Abia Polytechnic: From N56,550 to N61,000

Auchi Polytechnic: From N14,800 to N28,000

Ondo State University of Science and Technology, Okitipupa: From N70,000 to N80,000.

Enugu State University of Science and Technology: From N104,900 to N124,900

Kwara Polytechnic, Ilorin: From N28,000 to N44,000

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH): From N65,000 to N72,500

Tai Solarin University of Education: From N66,500 to N76,500.

Afe Babalola University: From N675,000 to N1,075,000

Igbinedion University: From N540,000 to N820,000

Crawford university: From N400,000 to N600,000.

Redeemers University: From N545,000 to N605,000.

Covenant University: From N774, 500 to N814, 500

Benson Idahosa University: From N284,300 to N1,150,000.

Kidnapper Evans explains why he didn't operate in Yoruba States

Suspected billionaire kidnapper, Chukwudumeme Onwuamadike aka Evans, yesterday told New Telegraph reasons why he did not operate in South-West states apart from Lagos.

This was even the police yesterday said the suspect would soon be charged to court on charges of alleged murder, kidnapping and armed robbery.

Evans said he preferred to operate in Enugu, Abia, Lagos and Edo states. But, according to him, since he is from Anambra State, he decided not to carry out robbery or kidnapping operations in the state.

He said: “Police tracking located me in Anambra State, but it was not because I committed robbery or even kidnapped anyone there.

If I kidnapped someone in Lagos, I sometimes go to Anambra State to collect the ransom, just to avoid detention.”

Challenged that he once carried out simultaneous robbery operations in Oyo State in 2010, where three banks were raided, Evans shrugged.

“No! I have never operated in any Yoruba state, let alone Oyo State. I have never operated there; Lagos is my state. I mostly operated from Lagos.

Moreover, I also didn’t like operating in Yoruba states because I don’t know my way around there. I don’t know the terrains.

It is not right to go where you don’t know, except you have someone that can lead you,” he said.

Evans also seized the opportunity of speaking with New Telegraph to dispel outrageous ‘lies’ being peddled in social media and online sites.

He said: “There was never a time I said I got victims from Facebook or that my wife used to collect ransom on my behalf. I did not also say there are important personalities working with me in the East.”

Yesterday, the Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO), Mr. Jimoh Moshood, said investigations into the alleged crimes against Evans and his gang members had reached advanced stages.

He added that the judicial process for his conviction or otherwise, will “soon begin before a court of competent jurisdiction”.

Moshood said: “Evans is going to be taken to court very soon, on completion of investigation.”

When asked where the billionaire suspect would be tried, in view of the fact that he had committed the alleged offences in different states.

Moshood responded: “He will be tried before a court of competent jurisdiction.”

Friday, June 23, 2017

Eminem Has Joined Beard Gang

Eminem's new look.

Still a Rap King.


Eminem with  Dr Dre and Kendrick Lamar.

Kidnapping Security Alert: Please Be Wary

Trending on SM has been the gist of a man kidnapped (man-napped actually) in broad daylight in a keke in Surulere.

This guy unsuspectingly boarded a tricycle (also known as keke Marwa) around 2pm and upon boarding, met two people inside. A guy at the front at at the back. As the journey progressed, they picked one  other person by the road and the person who sat the front beside the driver, came to sit at the back. Only for them to brandish their weapons and told him to 'cooperate'.
He was immediately robbed of his phones and other accessories and after some minutes of driving, the keke stopped and they tried to force him t enter another car- a space bus. Witha knife and a gun pointing at him, he complied and when trying to geet into the bus, he saw a passerby and screamed for help.
They slapped him and told the passerby that he was  thief and was trying to resist arrest, and that they were on their way to the station. And the passerby kept on moving (this one can pain ehn)
On getting inside the bus, he realised he was not alone. There was a man and woman tied up in the bus. then taken to an uncompleted house where he was beaten so bad for trying to form smart initially.
His belt and shoes were taken from him and then he began to negotiate with one of the kidnappers whom he begged to allow him make a call.
The other kidnapper who was left with him allowed him to make the call but when the others came in they picked a fight because they felt left out. The guy gave them his  panda chain as a ransom first before money came and they asked him the worth of the chain which he lied was #50,000.
The interesting part to this kidnap was the escape
The kidnappers were still arguing about the ransom money because according to them' wetin dem wan tell oga' when my guy saw an opportunity for  escape. He jumped off the storey building and ran into the nearby market which was deserted.
As God would have it, he saw a bike man apporaching and jumped on the bike and when he asked where he was, the bike man told him: Ijegun! (whaaat!!)
Luckily, he had some money in his inner jeans which he used to buy slippers and find his way home. He got home around 9pm.
This story is one of the few kidnapping stories where the victim was able to escape with his dear life. What about the many others that did not make it?

Please let's be watchful, we live in perilous times.
The bible says: Watch and pray
. Meaning that as you are firing prayers, never forget to be alert. In other words, shine ya eye.


Attending A Jehovah Witness Wedding

Please if you're my friend and you attend Jehovah's witness, biko don't ever open that your mouth you use in eating sharwarma or drinking orijin to invite me for your wedding, because I won't come! Im not joking! Ho Ha!!!😈
Jesu! That was how my neighbour invited me and my friends to her wedding o. You need to see how this babe finished hyping the kain event sef. She even told us not to eat, that she will take care of our 'food needs' o. Okay!😂
On behalf of me and my friends, I  told her we might not be able to meet up with the whole church serenren, but we will come for the reception. Babe agreed.
So me and my friends contributed money to buy her a nice wedding gift. See broke me. I even gave my last card. Kai!😈😈
After they were done with church wedding na, we got the information, and headed straight for the reception hall. On getting there, we discovered that the food and drinks were under over beefed security o. Very tight sontin! We were waiting for them to share food.
Omo, no show o. 😂😂😂 See us that came hungry! I wan die!
We waited and waited and waited. Not just us o. Other people also that came to the reception venue too were waiting. Nothing! You can't even look the people in charge of the food in the face. Very unfriendly specie! 😂😂
All my attempts to smile at one brother and form fine girl failed woefully. Brother wasn't moved. At a point I started thinking he was either gay or castrated.
Imagine me! I even cut eye for brother, yet no show. I failed. As in correct F9 wey dem use red biro write o. Tueh!!😂😂
So eventually, the people who went to church. started arriving gradually. Chairs started getting filled up. The unfriendly caterers started loosening up, as they greeted their fellow church members. O chi'm!  How did I forget I wasn't a member if the Kain church.😂
Then something funny happened. These people brought out list of names o. No jokes!  and started sharing rice according to positions. 😂
Firstly, they served all the Elders, in no particular order. Elder Johnson, Elder Vincent, Elder nkea, na Elder nkeozo. Tufia!😂😂
By the time they were done with the elders, we were almost dead. My belle don dey tell me how far. I looked at my neighbor, Aunty throway face.  Issorite!  God! I died! 😂😂
Then they started dishing out food to their church members. Coman see aroma everywhere. It wasn't funny o. Mt friends were practically sulking ! See painment. Kai!😂😂.
And these their church members sef were not even helping matters. Very wicked set of human beings! You need to see how they were just  tearing the meat and emptying their bottles of soft drinks without conscience. At a point, I started feeling like they were doing it on purpose, so that our throat will long well well and fall ontop ground. 😂😂😂
Hian! I could practically hear the annoying noises their wide mouths were making as they deleted the plates of jollof, devoured the chicken meats, and cracked the bones of the unfortunate chickens to powder.
.Selfish people!😂
Finally, they were done serving members. Just as I was thinking the friends and well wishers will be next in line, another list came out. This time, it was for people that witnessed the joining at the church.😧😧
You go dey front laidis, usher go pass food to person wey dey your back.  Them go even throw can drink across your head, give another person. One man got fed up and caught one.  As he tried to open it, usher change am for am  o.
" Excuse me Sir. That drink doesn't belong to you!"😂😂
For where! The man opened the thing and drank o.😂😂 He was like;
" What sort of nansenze is this? I have been here for the past 2hrs. No Rice, No swallow! No Drink! Not even water! What is happening? Oginidi?"
"Did you come to the kingdom???" The usher fired back.😂😂😂
Ha! Kingdom kwa! Kingdom of where? Abi is it the seven kingdoms in Game of thrones???😂
It was later that Penocrat Ayomide Ugonna, discovered that they refer to their church as a kingdom, and anyone who didn't come to the kingdom for the wedding, was perceived as WORDLY, and not fit to partake in the 'choppings'. 😂😂
"We are one in Christ!"the man replied. While he gulped down the can of Amstel Malta, at the expense of the overly angry usher. 😂😂
Immediately me and my friends decided to use the man's type of tactics to collect drinks too, we discovered that this people had stopped throwing drinks o. They now clutch their malt tightly and walk down to the seat of whoever they feel like giving, and hand over the damn thing.
After that last category, they stopped serving. Coman see hunger written on people's faces. I was hungry o. But some people were both hungry and angry. You need to see different types of red eyes. Men, women, children, dgz.😂
When all hope was lost, My friend brought out groundnut from her bag and started munching. All of us begged her o. Including one fine boy that sat near us. No forming for this wan at all!  Hunger is real!😂😂😂😂
Finally, we decided to leave na. Wedding don cast. Since,the church people were just crunching, binging and munching with reckless abandon, while we the onlookers were just observing the swayings of their mouths. As per Mr. Lukman and Madam Lucozades,😂😂 is it not better to get the fuck out of that place?
We got up, carried our gift and walked straight to the bride to hand it over, when they hit us with another heartbreaking missile.
Do you know these people don't even collect gifts at wedding? Hay God!😂😂😂
Mt neighbor rejected the gift we contributed money to buy for her, because it was against their doctrine. Okay o. We carried our gift and were doing about turn when I heard a dry voice saying;
" Why are you guys leaving.  Wait na. We are almost done with the event."
I turned back. Lo and behold. It was my neighbour. She was drinking fanta.
Hay God! what level of painment is this kwanu?
Is like this wan is mad.😒😒😒
Wait and do what? Shine eyes while you people do us longer throat with your nonsense meals?
Wait and do what? Lock the doors or clean the place or wash the plates? Thunder!💨💨
Not just ordinary thunder o. A Hymanic thunder!
Wait fez o. Hunger is using me to recite state and capital, and you people are asking me to wait?

May Amadioha position soldier ants inside your genitals!
P.S: if you're a Jehovah's witness member, please do laid is✋✋✋. I want to block you and make space for better people who have regard for human feelings
Nonsense and paradise!

Written by Penocrat Ayomide Kindness.
Signed: Chibueze Mitchell Odimegwu.
( The unholy one)
Goodnight awesome world!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Many Will End In Jail, Says Melaye On Move To Recall Him.

Many Will End In Jail, Says Melaye On Move To Recall Him.

Dino Melaye, lawmaker representing Kogi west senatorial district, says the move to recall him from the upper legislative chamber will land many people in jail.

The lawmaker said this in response to reports that files of signatures of voters in his district had been submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

“It can not succeed. It is a hoax and absolute comedy of errors. I’m laughing at the stupidity of kogi state government,” he tweeted on Wednesday.

“Many appointees will go to jail for forgery. Even dead people’s names on the recall register.

“A governor who does not know what double registration is may not as well know the procedure for recall. Every lie has an expiry date.

“This comedy of errors will soon end. No shaking at all. This won’t solve the problem of not paying salaries for over 15 months.No retreat no surrender. Truth is my only defence.”

According to the electoral act, one-half of the number of registered voters in a constituency is required for the recall of a lawmaker.

There are 360,098 registered voters in Kogi west.

On Monday, Pius Kolawole, special adviser to the governor, announced that 188,588 voters, representing 52.3 percent of the total number of registered voters in the district, approved the recall of Melaye.

Kolawole said the collation of signatures of voters was carried out successfully on June 17.

Melaye has accused Bello of masterminding the process.


You Are Just Wasting Your Time, Governors Tell Biafra Agitators.

You Are Just Wasting Your Time, Governors Tell Biafra Agitators.

Nigerian governors say those advocating for a separate country are wasting their time.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) is in the frontline of the struggle to carve out a country out of Nigeria.

But the governors appealled to citizens to embrace peace, saying they do not want the country to witness a hate war like Rwanda did.

In 1994, Hutu militias in Rwanda killed at least 800,000 Tutsi in a purge driven by hate. The incident is widely described as a genocide.

The governors made this appeal against the background of rising ethnic tension fuelled by secessionist agitations in the south-east and an eviction threat to the Igbo by Arewa youth groups.

Speaking with state house correspondents at the end of a meeting called by Acting President Yemi Osinbajo as part of consultations for peace, Abiola Ajimobi, Oyo state governor, who spoke on behalf of the governors, said the unity of Nigeria was sacroscant.

“It has been unanimously agreed that the unity of this country is sacrosanct, it is non-negotiable and we have all agreed to work together to educate people,” he said.

“Any time you have agitation, usually there will be poverty, there will be unemployment, there will be hardship. So, we should address fundamentally these areas of poverty, unemployment and hardship.

“Nigerians are by nature a united people; nobody cares whether you are from the north, south or the east.

“There unity must be there and we cannot play with the unity of this country. The consensus has been that there must be unity.

“The message is for Nigerians to work more together and collaborate. We have more to gain when we are united. We cannot afford to break, and anybody is thinking of that is wasting his time and we will not allow it, not in this country. All of us are unanimous about that.

“To you the media look for what unites us and not sensational news. If we fight everybody will lose, have you ever seen a country that fought a civil war and remained the same? We don’t want to be another Rwanda and Somalia and all these places. The government is doing its best.”


France Just Elected 233 Female Lawmakers — But Nigeria Has Only 22.

France Just Elected 233 Female Lawmakers — But Nigeria Has Only 22.

A total of 233 women emerged in the recent parliamentary election that held in France, beating the previous record of 155 set after the last election.

There are 577 lawmakers in France.

In Nigeria where there are 469 federal lawmakers, only 22 are female — 15 in the house of representatives and seven in the senate.

La Republique En Marche (LREM), the party of President Emmanuel Macron, fielded a gender-balanced candidate list.

According to Inter-parliamentary Union data compiled at the start of June, France jumped from 64th to 17th in the world rankings of female parliamentary representation and to 6th place in Europe, overtaking Britain and Germany.

LREM, which won an overwhelming majority in Sunday’s ballot, had the highest proportion of women elected, at 47 percent.

“For the first time under the (postwar) Fifth Republic, the national assembly will be deeply renewed, more diverse, younger,” the party’s acting president, Catherine Barbaroux, said.

“But above all, allow me to rejoice, because this is a historic event for the representation of women in the national assembly.”

Female representation in the national assembly has risen steadily, from 12.3 per cent at the 2002 election to 38.6 per cent this time.

Most parties still put up more men for election, despite France having a system in which a party’s funding is restricted if women do not make up at least 49 percent of candidates.

Female candidates have also tended to stand in constituencies they are unlikely to win, keeping the numbers of women who make it to the Palais-Bourbon low.

“(Macron’s) En Marche (party)… proactively decided to give winning seats to women,” said 34-year-old Brune Poirson, who beat the far-right National Front to be elected in the Vaucluse district in southeastern France. “This is a really bold move.”

“(Macron)… said: this is your responsibility as well – we need you. It was very powerful, and it really worked.

“Normally political parties allocate women seats that are almost impossible to win, so they can say ‘hey, we have as many female candidates as male,’” added Poirson, a parliamentary novice with masters degrees in political science from Harvard and the London School of Economics.

Poirson decided to become a candidate in January when Macron sent a video to LREM members urging more women to put themselves forward.

Laurianne Rossi, elected to the Hauts-de-Seine district on the outskirts of Paris, said even with the increase in female lawmakers, it would take time to make a real difference.

“There is still a long way to go before we get real equality…(but) the arrival of so many more women at the national assembly will really help,” said Rossi, a 33-year-old former assistant to a socialist senator.

Frances Scott, founder of Britain’s 50:50 parliament, a cross-party group campaigning for gender balance in the legislature, said the result in France would spur parties in other countries to field more women candidates.

Britain set its own record in elections on June 8, with 30 percent of parliamentary seats going to women.

“It looks like France is leading the way in terms of this democratic imperative,” said Scott.

“The evidence suggests that having more women in parliament leads to more informed and more responsive decision-making. It leads to a better parliament.


We Owe Contractors N15bn, Yet NASS Reduced Lagos/Ibadan Expressway Budget To N10bn – Fashola

We Owe Contractors N15bn, Yet NASS Reduced Lagos/Ibadan Expressway Budget To N10bn – Fashola

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Mr Babatunde Fashola, has raised alarm over the insertion of projects outside the purview of his ministry in the 2017 Appropriation Act by the National Assembly.

Fashola, a senior advocate, said it was unfair to the Executive arm for the inclusion of such projects after public hearings on the budget and defence of the fiscal estimates by the ministries.

“What I have in my budget now is primary healthcare centres, boreholes,’’ he said at an interactive session with editors on Thursday.

“That was the meeting we had with the Acting President and that was the reason why the budget was not signed on time.

“We were asked to complete those abandoned projects; the budget of Lagos-Ibadan Expressway was reduced by the National Assembly from N31bn to N10bn.

“We are owing the contractors about N15bn and they have written to us that they are going to shut down.

“Also, the budget of the 2nd Niger bridge was reduced from N15bn to N10bn and about N3bn or so was removed from the Okene-Lokoja-Abuja road budget.’’

“Everybody is complaining about power supply but they also cut the budget for Manbila power project and the Bodo bridge that connects the Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas Station was also cut and all these were also discussed.

“If after we have defended the budget and we had gone and the legislature unilaterally changed the budget, what is the purpose of deliberation?’’

According to Fashola, it is unfair to Nigerians after public hearings were conducted with taxpayers’ money and consultations with the lawmakers only for the budget to be altered, cut or padded.

The minister said that apart from the 200 uncompleted roads he inherited from the previous administration, the lawmakers added 100 roads.

“These roads are not federal roads and some of them do not have designs, how do we award roads that were not designed irrespective of the power you have?

“It is unconstitutional for the National Assembly to legislate on state roads.

“A budget is an estimation plan that set in motion what is to be spent, how much will be borrowed and how much will be collected.

“The executive controls all the machinery for collecting taxes and other revenue with relevant data from the Ministries of Finance, Physical Planning and the Budget Office and others.

“I am not saying that the legislature cannot contribute to the budget, but I hold the view that it cannot increase the budget because they do not collect the revenue with which to run or implement the budget,’’ he said.

Fashola, who held sway as Lagos State Governor between 2007 and 2015, canvassed interdependence and collaboration among the three arms of government rather than independence to ensure a harmonious relationship.

The minister said that without it, the country would not make progress and would be bogged down by the politics of total separation of power and what he called “power of example rather than example of power.’’

“The society benefits more from the power of example and interdependence rather than the example (show) of power; it requires that we show good examples.’’

On the concept of interdependence, Fashola said the President and the Vice-President could not swear themselves into office, but are sworn in by the judicial arm, while the president also proclaims the National Assembly without which it could not start business.

In the same vein, he said the National Assembly confirms ministerial nominees and justices of the courts who are in turn sworn-in by the executive.

He urged the intervention of the judicial arm of government to set the necessary parameters and set things right.

Fashola, however, blamed the electorate for putting pressure on the lawmakers and expecting them to do what was outside their constitutional duties of law-making, representation and oversight.

“There is need for mass orientation and enlightenment for Nigerians not to expect their elected representatives to provide roads, water, light and execute capital projects which is the function of the executive arm.’’


Baifra: Why Is Obasanjo, IBB, Abdulsalam, Others Not Talking On Agitation – Doyin Okupe

Baifra: Why Is Obasanjo, IBB, Abdulsalam, Others Not Talking On Agitation – Doyin Okupe

A former aide to the immediate past administration of Goodluck Jonathan, Dr. Doyin Okupe, has urged Nigerians to pray for the Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo because he needs “wisdom from God” to handle the agitation for Biafra.

The former aide questioned why past leaders have refused to talk about the agitation in order to address some of the grievances raised. Those he blamed for remaining silent are Olusegun Obasanjo, Ibrahim Babangida, Abdulsam Abubakar and TY Danjuma.

He made the remark while reacting to a video in which Igbo youths in their thousands besieged the compound of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, chanting “give us Biafra, give us Biafra.”

In a statement he signed, the former Presidential aide berated the federal government for not taking the issue of Biafra seriously.

He accused the government of pushing the Igbo people to the wall by not treating them fairly in the scheme of things in Nigeria.

Okupe also faulted the Presidency for not inviting Kanu during the recent consultation with leaders of thoughts from the South-East region.

He accused the federal government of making bad judgment when it comes to the situation of the Igbo people.

The statement reads, “There is indeed a “god” in Abuja. He is a very prideful and powerful god and his head office is in the Villa, the seat of power.

“Unlike Jehovah God, it does not give liberty to his subjects to exercise their will. He is captivating, imposing and compelling, forcing his will at random on his subjects and their subordinates.

“During President Obasanjo’s tenure, a very senior minister and a distinguished gentleman, during a period of national crisis, got up and with all his weight slammed the Presidents table and retorted vociferously ” Mr President, after God in this country, it is you,your word is law.!” When I heard that statement I knew it was god of Abuja that was speaking through the Hon. minister.

“Abuja itself is a Jerusalem of some sort. For as mountains souround Jerusalem, so they also souround Abuja, Also making it a naturally fortified city and giving a sense of comfort and safety to its Inhabitants . ( I pray my brother Femi fanikayode does not read this piece. if he does he will call me definitely to correct me about the comparison between the Holy city of Jerusalem and Abuja!!)

“The Abuja god and the water tight security of Abuja often times make the custodians of power make inadvertent misjudgements about the situations elsewhere in the country. And I should know haven been a victim and witness to such misjudgements several times while around the corridors of power.

“This morning I could not withhold the tears from my eyes when I saw the video of thousands of ibos, mostly youths, waving Biafran Flags and chanting in Nnamdi Kanu’s compound “all we are saying is give us Biafra”

“I cried because I empathised with them and I wondered how we managed to push a people to such a position of hopelessness and despair. I also fearfully wondered if by any act of commission or omission I have played any role in this ignoble act (s).

“Last week I wrote an open letter to the acting President . one of my recommendations was that the federal government meets with IPOB leadership and southeast stakeholders. “Unfortunately the God of Abuja speaking through the Ag. President said” the IPOB leaders are not members of the leaders if thought in the southeast.

“Yet in a country with a sitting government, the IPOB Leadership gives a sit at home order and it is obeyed in totality by the entire Igbo Nation.

“It has come to a sad point today that the IGBO and the actions or inaction of Prof Yemi Osinbajo will define the future of Nigeria.

“Yet I believe that there are still living legends of our time in this country who can move in to stop this dangerous insidious slipping into darkness.

“Why is obasanjo quiet? why is there no sound from IBB? What happened to soldier turned diplomat, Gen Abdusalam? Not a word from Gen Danjuma, Gen Gowon, Adamu Ciroma “Alex Ekweme, Chief Akinjide, Alani Akinriade and others?????

“If all the above elders and leaders who know the ropes stand aloof, why can’t the Ag. President take counsel from them privately and individually and deliver himself from the god of Abuja who always misleads his subjects until they are removed one way or the other.

“This is no longer an Igbo affair. It is a total NIGERIAN PROBLEM. Lets all put hands and heads together and find a solution, any peaceful solution before this impending National disaster overtakes our nation.

“In the meantime let the rest of the nation go on our knees and pray for Prof Osinbajo that the God of creation, who is greater than all other gods and who has saddled him, as Ag. President with the responsibility to lead the country at this time to give him the divine wisdom courage and genuine helpers to see our nation through these difficult times.”